Unique design allows magazine well bevel to be
seamlessly cut to the rear, right into the mainspring housing with no gaps.

The Chen MaxBevel™ Mainspring Housing for single stack 1911’s allows the custom gunsmith to seamlessly cut the bevel of the magwell back into the mainspring housing, allowing a much larger magwell opening without an add on magwell.

This modification allows shooters to hit the sweet spot at the rear of the magwell during combat reloads, as taught by prominent shooting instructors.


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Magwell bevel with common mainspring housing

Magwell bevel with common mainspring housing

A proprietary BevelBlock™ fitting block of extra material on the front ledge of the mainspring housing forms a seamless butt joint with the frame, deep into the frame’s magazine well. Cutting the bevel to the rear on a standard mainspring leaves a gap between the frame and mainspring housing that is prone to damage and snagging on magazines when they are inserted in the pistol; the Chen MaxBevel™ Mainspring Housing completely eliminates this problem.

The overall dimensions were also carefully spec’d to deliver a nice snug fit in most 1911 frames without excessive material removal. Perfect for carry applications to greatly increase the magwell opening with no extra bulk.

Requires one simple machine cut for installation before cutting bevel. Complete, detailed instructions on how to do a world class magazine well bevel job included.

Mainspring housings are flat and smooth, available in carbon and stainless steel. Fully machined from certified barstock. Made in USA.  


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Magwell bevel with Chen MaxBevel ™  Mainspring Housing

Magwell bevel with Chen MaxBevel Mainspring Housing



Stan Chen Custom's "Drop-In" mainspring housing, is machined to maximum tolerances for a snug, drop in fit in most 1911 pistols, which eliminates unsightly gaps and improves performance.  

A radiused, rounded heel makes the pistol more comfortable in the hand while shooting, and against the body while the pistol is carried concealed. 

Want the same Stan Chen Custom refinement and quality without having to send your 1911 off to gunsmith? May I present the new Stan Chen Custom Drop-In Mainspring Housing. Created in response to the popularity of the Maxbevel and the desire for ease of self installation. We now give you the capability of self-install without compromising on quality. 


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