Action Work

Precise trigger control is an absolute key to accurate, fast shooting. Experienced shooters and trainers are nearly unanimous in agreement: poor trigger control is the cause of most missed shots. 

Chen Custom action jobs are in a class by themselves, and go far beyond the typical 1911 “trigger job”. It must be totally dependable in all operating environments and be able to stand up to heavy abuse, yet possess the level of refinement found in a fine Swiss watch.  

A Chen action job entails an extensive number of proprietary tuning modifications, including some changes in geometry of the system. These modifications are the result of extensive study, analysis of design, research and development of the system, and real world testing. 

Every part in the action mechanism is tuned in some way, from the bottom of mainspring tunnel up to the disconnector track in the slide, and everything in between. Sear angles are precisely stoned and set with a premium dial test indicator.

What does it feel like?
Trigger take up is glassy smooth, positive, free from any hitches, and exhibits no disconnector ‘click’.

The actual break is one that must be felt to be understood and appreciated. We strike the impossibly fine line between creep-free crisp and highly-shootable smooth. You will not feel any pre release movement, yet there is no harshness in the release. Both accomplished traditional bullseye shooters accustomed to a glass-rod break, and speed shooters used to a higher degree of movement upon release, have commented on the extreme shootability of a Chen action job.

A great deal of attention is also paid to the reset of the trigger after firing. The action is tuned to allow the fastest reset possible, with a ball bearing smooth feel, and tuned geometry.  This makes the trigger feel like it automatically wants to snap back in to position, eagerly awaiting your command to break the next shot.


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