Thumb Safety

Important Tactile Function
Savvy 1911 shooters, who employ the pistol for combat/practical purposes, know how important the function and feel of the thumb safety is.

It is applied or released nearly constantly on the 1911; with every draw stroke, reholster, press check, etc. Additionally, proper 1911 shooting technique requires the shooter's thumb to rest on it while firing. So it’s important we give it the attention it deserves.

The entire part is carved and shaped to give the shooter unlimited comfort while applying, releasing, and also riding the thumb safety. The part is sculpted by hand to match frame contours, and is dramatically  blended so it can be effectively manipulated repeatedly. Of course, there are no sharp edges anywhere.

A great deal of time is spent tuning the feel of the thumb safety as it snaps on and off, as controlled by the thumb safety detents. In fact, it is like doing another action job.  The feel is crisp, yet smooth, with positive stops in both directions. It is extremely instinctive and comfortable in operation, and given a level of refinement uncommon even among custom pistols.

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