The Reload

A great magwell treatment adds speed, and more importantly consistency to the shooter's reload. This increase in performance adds to shooter confidence, whether on the line, or on the street.

It's pretty much a given to most serious practical/tactical shooters that an enlarged mag well funnel of some sort gives a serious boost in the speed and/or consistency of the shooter’s reloads under stress. This is especially true of the single stack 1911’s, as they do not benefit from the tapered magazine tops of the double stack designs.

Let it be said, however, that no modification or gizmo can replace dedicated training and practice of weapon manipulation fundamentals.

Nonetheless, we can all use whatever edge we can get. 

Every Chen custom magwell is cut into the mainspring housing to the rear  as far as possible without breaking into the mainspring housing pin hole, using a proprietary Chen Custom Maxbevel Mainspring Housing. 

Two effective, elegant solutions are available on Stan Chen Custom Pistols:

• Chen Maxbevel™ - Simple and extremely effective
• Chen Magwell Suite™ - The ultimate single stack 1911 magwell

Photo: Christopher Marona Photography

Photo: Christopher Marona Photography


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