Chen Blueprint Fit

The Chen BluePrint Fit is a comprehensive custom 1911 pistol build process which yields a
precision instrument built to optimal engineered tolerances. This translates into unsurpassed performance, reliability, accuracy and durability in a custom 1911 pistol. 

The Chen Blueprint Fit is a precise, engineered approach to building the high performance
custom 1911.  Every critical dimension is cut to optimal tolerances and clearances. This approach requires precision machining, custom fabricating, meticulous hand fitting and sometimes even precision welding. The result is such that the static and dynamic relationship between the parts
form a cohesive unit; a pistol in perfect sync that performs and feels like no other.

The Chen BluePrint Fit is a build approach encompassing the entire pistol; however it can most saliently be seen in the following key areas:

     • Reliability 
     • Frame to Slide Fit
     • Barrel Fit

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