Check to ensure your 1911 pistol is unloaded.

  1. Disassemble pistol and remove your existing mainspring housing. Please wear eye protection. ***

  2. Remove all internals from your existing mainspring housing.

  3. Install the MSH internals you removed from your MSH into the Chen SI Magwell

  4. Install Chen SI magwell into pistol, and secure with MSH pin from your pistol.

  5. Reassemble pistol in normal manner


If you experience any difficulty, please contact us right away and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Email is best- Please include a number we can reach you at just in case.

***If you have never disassembled a 1911 to this level before, feel free to contact us for help. A video is in progress. There are also many existing online resources available on disassembling a 1911 pistol.

SI Flyouts (1).jpg