Chen Maxbevel

Simple, yet extremely effective, the Chen Maxbevel™ treatment is standard on every Chen Custom Pistol. This treatment gives the largest available magwell bevel without an add on part.

Unlike most magwell bevels, the Chen Maxbevel™ is seamlessly cut into the mainspring housing as far to the rear as possible for reliably fast reloads. This is done using our unique, proprietary Chen Mainspring Housing. The Chen MSH allows for this seamless cut to be performed without the unsightly gap which is common to other attempts at enlarging the bevel to the rear with a standard mainspring housing.

Astute pistoleros know that the rear of the mag well is the sweet spot during the reload, as it greatly reduces the degree to which you have to “rock” the magazine into the mag well. By the time you’ve indexed the back of your magazine with the back of the mag well, the bullet nose has already cleared the front lip of the mag well, and you’re in!


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