Magazine Release

The first step in recharging your pistol quickly under stress is of course to remove the depleted magazine from the gun. So we give careful thought to the design and geometry of the magazine release, to facilitate this important first step in the most efficient, ergonomic way possible.

Our mag releases are cut from barstock, and slightly extended. An angle is machined onto the face of the mag release, as well as one way, directional serrations. Many 1911 shooters must flip the pistol in their hand to hit the mag release during reload. This results in the rotation of the pistol against the thumb. The machined angle and directional serrations are extremely effective in providing a ‘stop’ against this rotation, and effectively serves to redirect the energy of this rotation into the depression of the mag release, and ultimately the ejection of the mag from the pistol.

Our magazine releases, and the related catch lock and spring, are carefully tuned and fitted to perfection. The feel is utterly smooth and glitch free with absolutely no binding as it is depressed. Finally, our magazine releases are machined internally to prevent trapping of mags. 

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