Machining & Parts

Tactically sound, 2 piece design adds a huge magazine funnel for faster reloads without adding length or width to
the pistol.

The Chen Magwell Suite™ for single stack 1911 pistols includes both a CNC machined magwell and an integrally machined oversize mainspring housing. Dramatically speeds combat reloads while remaining tactically sound and minimizing bulk.

Of critical importance to tactical and competition shooters, the front of the magwell is contoured and notched to allow the shooter to strip a stuck magazine from the pistol.

Its advanced CAD/CAM design and multi-axis CNC machining allows the largest possible magazine well opening while not adding any additional length or width to the pistol, making it perfect for carry applications.

The oversize mainspring housing is integrally machined to the internal contours of the magwell, and is cut to the rear as far as possible to yield the largest funnel profile and easy installation. The mainspring housing also has the proprietary BevelBlock™, a block of extra material in a key location to allow a seamless, gap-free blend with the pistol.

Magwells are fully machined from heat treated barstock, RC 28-32 for toughness and impact resistance. No special grips are required; nearly any standard 1911 grip can be easily modified to fit the Magwell Suite™.

Installation requires straightforward machining to the frame. Weld/silver solder on version requires TIG welding or silver solder. Bolt on version requires drilling and tapping frame, includes mounting hardware. Both versions available in carbon or stainless steel. Mainspring housings are flat and smooth. Complete, detailed instructions are included. 100% MADE IN USA.


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